Foreverfamily would not be where we are without the loyal support of individuals, foundations, corporations and government agencies. You can help us continue to bring hope to our kids.

Our single biggest need is for unrestricted support. When you allow us to apply your gift of cash (or appreciated securities) where it is most needed, we are diligent in making sure that your gift derives its best possible return. Please make a donation below or contact our Director of Development at (404) 223-1200. Thank you!

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Foreverfamily’s Wish List

We are often asked if we have a wish list and yes, we do! Below is a list of our organization’s needs (and wants!). We thank you and your community for helping us ensure that every child gets what’s deserved– our very best and lots of love.

On-Going Items We Need:
  • Gas gift cards (increments of $25 or $50 preferred)
  • Visa, Kroger, Walmart (or other similar store) gift cards— these help us with the day to day expenses at program, such as      healthy snacks, materials for activities, as well as unforeseen needs. For      example, when we did tennis lessons, some kids couldn’t participate because they didn’t have tennis shoes. For swimming lessons, we had to      purchase a few suits for those who did not have them. Gift cards allow us      to meet the on-going, real needs of our families.
  • Kitchen mats– we are looking for the long, foam type mats that don’t slip, catch water, and are easy to clean. Our kitchen gets a lot of use. These mats will help make sure it’s a safe and usable area.  Target and Costco (among other places) sell them. To see an example, visit Target’s website. They have one called NewLife by GelPro (in red).
  • Kid’s cutting knives— they sell sets on Amazon. Our kids help us prepare our vegetarian snacks and meals. Safety is our number one priority. These knives will allow the younger kids to be involved      without risk of injury.
  • Gift cards for oil changes– these are used to keep up      with the maintenance of the two 15 passenger vans we use.
  • Tablets (iPad or other) and Laptops— while new devices are preferred, we will gratefully accept your old devices, but please, only donate devices that are in good working order. If you wouldn’t give it to your child as a gift, please do not gift it to ours either.

    Items We Dream About and Really Want:
    • LCD projector and screen
    • Flat Screen TV— we were donated a wii and xbox360 with the kinect component but we cannot use them because we do not have a TV to connect it.
    • Portable Dishwasher
    • Steam Vacuum— something that can clean and disinfect hard floors as well as upholstery
    • Computer Tables— last year we secured a grant that allowed us to purchase 6 new computer tables. We are in need of two more. They can be purchased at Office Depot. Call us at 404/223-1200 to get the SKU number.
    • Car— Often, we use the vans for transportation of just a few people or to run local errands. This puts added mileage on the vans we need for program and is a waste of gas money. We would love to have a car or small SUV.
    • Van– We are grateful for the two 15 passenger vans we      have, but they are old and constantly needing repairs. We are hoping someone      will be able to donate a new van that is in good condition.

    If you have any questions about these items or wish to help fulfill our dreams, please contact Beth Wettlin, Program Director, at or 404-658-9606. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

    Other Ways to Give

    There are many other ways you can help. If you choose, you can elect to support some of our specific programs:

    • Scholarships:

       Foreverfamily is proud of the accomplishments of children graduating our programs and going on to college. The Ruth & Ed Dressel Scholarship Fund was established by Paula Dressel, Foreverfamily’s first Board President, in memory of her parents. This Fund provides scholarship money for selected young adults in our program who are graduating from high school and heading to college. Contributions are appreciated.

    • After School Program:

      Tuesday and Thursday, we provide an after school program for children from age 6-17. They receive homework help, computer training, counseling and a nutritious meal. You can help underwrite the cost of materials and food.

    • Family Visitation Program

      We provide free transportation every other month so that kids can visit their parents in prison. Due to distance of the prisons and cost, for many we are the only way they get to see their parent. You can help us defray the cost of transportation and food for these visits.

    • Teen Leadership Program:

       Designed specially for teens, we help develop leadership skills these young adults will be able to use throughout the rest of their lives. Help us by providing funds for materials and expenses.

    • Camp AIM High:

      Each summer, Foreverfamily takes 60 children to camp in a rural setting where they have time to swim, play games, learn various crafts and build leadership skills for the teens. For many, this is their only experience outside of a city. We accept donations at every level to support the camp. We also seek corporate sponsorship. A corporate sponsor will be recognized on the Foreverfamily website for one full year. Sponsors will also be appropriately recognized by the Executive Director and other staff members who present before various organizations. Corporate sponsorship starts at $1,000. Above $1,000, Foreverfamily is willing to negotiate other ways to recognize a corporation.

    • Foreverfamily Endowment: The Foreverfamily Endowment account is managed by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. We picked The Community Foundation because of the strength of its asset management and its involvement in the Atlanta community. The endowment is currently small, but we are working to build it. For large contributions, we can offer certain tax planning counsel. Please call us for more information.

    In-Kind Donations

    In addition to cash gifts, we are happy to receive certain types of in-kind gifts:

    • Computers. If you have computers or other pieces of equipment that have reached the end of their useful life for you, they may still have value to us.
    • Tickets to athletic events that can be used by our kids and volunteer chaperones.  Other types of entertainment tickets may also be welcomed.
    • Office equipment.
    • Vans to help us transport our young people.
    • Subscriptions for books and magazines for children and teens.