Volunteer Application

  • We need your help. Foreverfamily depends on volunteers. They power everything we do, from preparing meals for our afterschool programs to working one-on-one with our youth. At any given time, we have nearly 60 volunteers, drawn mainly from local colleges, working anywhere from five to 20 hours a week.

    But more than just give, we know our volunteers take away much from their time with Foreverfamily. We make sure they know we value their input; at the end of each event, we make certain all our volunteers have a chance to debrief and tell us what worked and what didn’t. We make a point of acknowledging their service at every opportunity. Above all, we provide training and enrichment programs for our volunteers to make sure they have as much of an opportunity to grow as our children.

    Please complete the following questions. Once we have received your information, we will contact you with the remaining steps to volunteer. Please contact Foreverfamily via email at program@foreverfam.org or call us at 404-223-1200 or 404-658-9606 if you have any questions or need help completing this form. Thanks for helping us succeed in our mission of surrounding children with the love of family!
  • As a Foreverfamily volunteer, you are an important member of our family. We believe you are committed to our agency and to the families we serve. We also believe you will do what is in the BEST interest for our clients and for the agency. Therefore, we encourage you to rely on what you have learned through our Volunteer Training Orientation. Also, we are confident that you will use your best judgment when interacting with children and families who are involved with Foreverfamily. Despite your best efforts, there will be times when you are unsure about how a particular situation or individual should be handled. At those times, please seek out the advice and guidance of a Foreverfamily staff member. We are here to support you as you serve the children of incarcerated parents and their family members. Even though training had been provided and you can rely on your best judgment, Foreverfamily has rules and policies that must be STRICTLY adhered to. Violation of any policy will result in immediate termination of your role as a Foreverfamily volunteer. The policies regarding volunteer conduct are outline below: 1. Foreverfamily is a drug-free organization. No consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or the use of illegal substances is permitted at Foreverfamily activities and functions involving children or when you are interacting one-on-one with a child. 2. Corporal punishment is not permitted at Foreverfamily. No one is allowed to hit, spank, pinch, slap or otherwise physically discipline any child participant in Foreverfamily’s program(s). 3. Sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct will not be tolerated. Every person, whether child or adult should be able to participate in Foreverfamily’s events and activities without fear of unwanted advances, whether verbal or physical. At Foreverfamily, we seek to protect, positively guide and uplift children and young people. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for children to grow and develop. To ensure that this occurs, Foreverfamily has implemented the following policies and procedures: • Overnight trips: During any overnight trips, children are not permitted to sleep in the same bed with volunteers. Further, children are not allowed to sleep in the same bed with each other. We realize that some children are afraid of the dark and may be accustomed to sleeping with their siblings, caregiver or other adult; however, Foreverfamily cannot accommodate the children in this manner. • Restroom escorts: During events/activities, only volunteers of the same gender are allowed to escort children to the restroom— women should take girls and men should take boys. • Group activities: When a child needs to go to an area that is not populated, more than one volunteer should escort the child. As much as possible, children should remain with the large group. If the need arises for a volunteer and a child to leave the group, either an adult providing leadership to the particular event/activity or a member of the Foreverfamily staff should be notified. VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT • One-on-one activities: All private meetings or counseling sessions between children and volunteers should be done in a populated area in full view of at least to other adult volunteers and/or Foreverfamily staff persons. • Physical contact: Volunteers are not permitted to touch a child for the purposes of physically disciplining him or her. Also, volunteers are not permitted to caress a child in any way. During tense or emotional moments, children may receive physical support from volunteers in the following ways: • A pat on the back; • A non-lingering touch on the shoulder, arm or hand; • A high five; • A handshake • Hugging: If a child hugs, or attempt to hug a volunteer, there should be no direct frontal or rear body contact. Hugs should be given side-to-side. • Confidentiality: If a child tells you that he or she has been abused, neglected or feels suicidal, you must IMMEDIATELY report this to a Foreverfamily staff member. At Foreverfamily, we respect the trust our young people have placed in us and we also want to honor the fact that they share confidential information with us; however, when the information they share indicates they are in danger of being hurt or in danger of hurting themselves, this information CANNOT be kept a secret. Under Georgia law, Foreverfamily is a mandatory reporter of child abuse and neglect. More importantly, we care deeply about the Foreverfamily children and want them to be in safe, healthy environments and situations that will allow them to reach their full potential. Sometimes, the only way we can protect children is to share confidential information with professionals that can help. • Foreverfamily property: No stealing, misappropriation or funds, materials or resources will be tolerated. We are a small organization that operates on a tight budget and every penny counts. Therefore, volunteers are not allowed to use the copier or take office supplies, resource books or materials away from the Foreverfamily office without prior permission from a staff person. Additionally, making unapproved long distance phone calls from Foreverfamily’s telephone will not be tolerated. By my signature below, I declare that I have read the entire Volunteer Conduct form, I fully understand the policies and procedures contained in the form and I agree to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined. A copy of this agreement has been provided to me for my records.
  • 1. Be on time to each event. 2. Call (with ample notice) if you cannot attend or will be late. 3. Be responsible for your own transportation to and from Foreverfamily programs. 4. Be attentive to weather conditions so that you will know if Foreverfamily will be programming. Call the director’s cell phone at 404-434-2362 if you are unsure. 5. Attend debriefing after events (if you leave early you will be responsible for filling out a Foreverfamily Debrief Form). 6. Help make sure Foreverfamily’s space is left in order after programming. 7. Wear a nametag at Foreverfamily activities. 8. Wear Foreverfamily paraphernalia whenever you come to volunteer. 9. Do not bring valuables to volunteer. Foreverfamily will not be held responsible for electronics (phones, etc.) or other valuables. If you need to be reached while you are volunteering, you may be contacted here at (404) 658-9606. By my signature below, I declare that I have read the Volunteer Guidelines and Expectations, I fully understand the guidelines and expectations contained in the form and I agree to abide by them as outlined.
  • By submitting your name below you authorize Foreverfamily and its agents to search and review any criminal history record which may include information regarding my character, general reputation or personal characteristics. That you understand that you will be provided with a complete and accurate disclosure of the background verification. You also agree to have your picture taken and give permission to Foreverfamily to use your likeliness in any of their print and/or video materials.